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Hotel & Restaurant Tsareva Livada
Hotel & Restaurant Tsareva Livada 
6 Parvi May St., Tsareva Livada
+359 6723 207
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Tsareva Livada is a village famous with its wonderful healing climate suitable for people with respiratory problems. Located in the Central Predbalkan the village enjoys immensely beautiful surroundings. Hotel & Restaurant Tsareva Livada is a lovely two-storey building, entirely renovated and modernized. At present the hotel offers its guests accommodation in nine double and eight triple rooms. The rooms are clean, bright and cozily furnished. They have central heating, private bathroom with shower and terrace. Hotel & Restaurant Tsareva Livada also provides a conference hall with 40 seats suitable for company training, seminar, team building, business meetings. On the ground floor of the hotel is located an entirely refurbished, spacious and stylish restaurant, where traditional Bulgarian dishes and selected delicacies from the international cuisine are skillfully prepared. In its main hall the restaurant provides 70 seats, while the large terrace in the summer garden adjoining the restaurant offers additional 60 seats.

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