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Four-star Hotels in Rousse
Danube Plaza Hotel
Danube Plaza Hotel 
5 Svoboda Sq., Rousse
+359 82 586666, +359 885 126196
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Danube Plaza Hotel is located in the very center of Rousse and offers contemporary luxury, comfort and superb attendance. The hotel guests may choose form 74 rooms and five apartments, each provided with a TV set with cable and satellite television, telephone, air conditioner, mini bar, internet connection, private bathroom with shower or bath tub, hairdryer. Danube Plaza Hotel has a remarkable complex of fine dining venues - three restaurants and four bars. Restaurant Plaza is a classic restaurant and offers exquisite cuisine in a 250-seat hall. Restaurant Summer Garden is located in a lovely terraced garden with 400 seats and offers live music and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Restaurant Rustchuk serves superb specialties in an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of the old town houses. Danube Plaza Hotel also has a cafe-confectionery with 140 seats, a cocktail-bar with 80 seats, a lobby bar and a night club. Two fully equipped conference halls with capacity of 16 and 100 seats will take care of the successful hosting of any event at the hotel. Danube Plaza Hotel provides to its guests a modern fitness center and many other additional services for their complete comfort and satisfaction.

Three-star Hotels in Rousse
Bistra & Galina Hotel
Bistra & Galina Hotel 
8 Asparuh St., Rousse
+359 82 823344, +359 886 026665
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Bistra & Galina Hotel is situated in Rousse. A total of 70 beds are available in both wings of the hotel. The facilities in every room and apartment included a TV set, telephone, air conditioner, private bathroom, local heating, mini bar. They are stylishly appointed and appeal to the hotel guests with their light and pleasant ambiance. Bistra & Galina Hotel offers a sophisticated restaurant with a carefully selected menu by a French master chef. The restaurant enjoys a fresh summer garden and is suitable for hosting cocktails, parties and other events. A modern conference hall and two bars are available for business meetings. The hotel also provides a covered swimming pool, fitness, steam bath, solarium, sauna. Bistra & Galina Hotel was built in 1999 by the Bardarovi family and has been bequeathed to the charity foundation Bistra and Galina in memoriam of the two daughters of the family. It is the only hotel in Bulgaria, which profits are intended for charity. In 2004 Bistra & Galina Hotel is renovated and expanded and becomes a part of the largest chain of independent hotels in the world Best Western.
Hotel Splendid
Hotel Splendid 
51 Alexandrovska St., Rousse
+359 82 825970, +359 82 238192
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The three-star Hotel Splendid is centrally located in Rousse and offers 19 single rooms, 12 double rooms and one apartment. In every room and in the apartment are provided a TV set, telephone, air conditioner, internet connection, mini bar, private bathroom with shower or a bath tub. The room rated include breakfast, which is daily served in a special breakfast hall. Separately from it Hotel Splendid has a stylish air-conditioned restaurant with 60 seats, lots of vegetation and delicious cuisine. Adjoining the restaurant there is a charming art gallery. The day lobby bar is also air-conditioned and offers tranquil ambiance, suitable for rest and small business meetings. The bar has 24 seats as well as a T set with cable and satellite television. Hotel Splendid provides a meeting hall with 15 seats, suitable for negotiations, business meetings, seminars, trainings. A 24-hour guarded parking lot is available for the hotel guests. Hotel Splendid is a very good choice for staying in Rousse. it offers clean and comfortable rooms at good rates and is conveniently located in the city.

Two-star Hotels in Rousse
Family Hotel Brani
Family Hotel Brani 
80 Stefan Stambolov Street, Rousse
+359 82 821114
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Family Hotel Brani in Ruse offers an excellent combination of convenient location in the city and very good accommodation conditions at low rates. It is situated close to the central railway station, the South bus station and main transport junctions at 10 minutes from the center of Ruse. It features 16 rooms - 5 single and 11 double, which are furnished with a Prista bed and a double or two single beds, respectively. The facilities in every room include a TV set, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi internet, refrigerator, en-suite bathroom. The guests of Family Hotel Brani have at their disposal a bar-restaurant, where every morning they are served free breakfast with coffee or tea. To those travelling by car free parking is provided. The hotel is open year-round and is equally suitable for both business visitors to the city and tourists.

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