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Shindarovi House
Shindarovi House 
+359 899 660728, +359 2 8223671
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Shindarovi House is one of the ancient stone houses in the village of Kovachevitsa, located in the West Rhodope. Here amidst the unspoilt nature of the mountain it seems the time has stopped two centuries ago. In Kovachevitsa the local people still prepared old Bulgarian dishes for their table, life's pace is gentle and the people always have a kind word for one another. Shindarovi House is a three-storey house with two wide wooden verandas. On the first floor of the house is provided a fully equipped modern kitchen, where old style Bulgarian dishes are prepared for the house guests. The same floor features a cozy dining room with a snack bar, which offers various snacks, desserts, drinks. On the second floor of Shindarovi House is provided one bedroom and a winter saloon for the shared us of all guests, where they may laze and listen to some music, read and have pleasant conversations. On the third floor are located the other bedrooms as well as a living room opening onto a large veranda. All rooms have an old style furnishing and on every floor is provided one shared bathroom.
Bai Markov House
Bai Markov House 
+359 751 26769, +359 751 26669
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Bai Markov House is situated right next to the entrance of the village Kovachevitsa. It has been built with lots of love and diligence by its owners. In the house are used typical for the regional architecture natural materials stone and wood. Bai Markov House offers home-like coziness and tranquility in a place, which is reminiscent of the life in the village before centuries. At the same time the house offers all modern conveniences for a comfortable stay despite the season. Bai Markov House enjoys a spacious courtyard with especially planted tens of species of trees and bushes, among which there is also a white fir tree, which is an endangered species. Plenty or romantic nooks in the garden provide great opportunities for rest and entertainment. The house accepts guest throughout the whole year and has a local heating system. It may accommodate its guests in two double rooms and one triple provided with new and comfortable furniture and two shared bathrooms. The two verandas of the house offer magnificent views of the village and the mountain. Bai Markov House boasts an authentic tavern on the ground floor with a fireplace and a kitchen, equipped with all necessary appliances.

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