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Family Hotel Zora, 2 Smolyanska Street, Lagera, Sofia, +359 2 9530557, +359 887 796577, +359 887 772896
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Family Hotel Zora
Family Hotel Zora
Family Hotel Zora 
2 Smolyanska Street, Lagera, Sofia
+359 2 9530557, +359 887 796577, +359 887 772896
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Family Hotel Zora offers attractive rates for accommodation in Sofia and very good conditions for accommodation. Located in near proximity to Pirogov, the Medical Academy, Miliary Hospital and many other medical institutions, it is a convenient home-base for visiting the landmarks of the city, the main shopping centers, administrative, financial and cultural institutions. Family Hotel Zora features double and triple rooms as well as one apartment, which consists of two bedrooms, a living room with kitchenette and terrace. Their facilities include a TV set with cable television, internet connection, local heating, en-suite bathroom. For the guests of this two-star hotel in Sofia are provided a garage, etc.
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