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Guest House Chetirite Bora, 65 Docho Chakarov Street, Beli Osam, +359 6965 2249, +359 877 727723
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Guest House Chetirite Bora
Guest House Chetirite Bora
Guest House Chetirite Bora 
65 Docho Chakarov Street, Beli Osam
+359 6965 2249, +359 877 727723
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Guest House Chetirite Bora in Beli Osam is a very good choice for a holiday in the Troyan Balkan at any time of the year. The house is built in 1850 and offers peacefulness and old times cosiness coupled with modern amenities. It has two floors, each with a private entrance. On the first one are provided a separate bathroom with toilet and a cosy tavern with fireplace, suitable for gatherings and celebrations. On the second floor are located a second bathroom with toilet, fully equipped kitchen and three bedrooms with a total of ten beds. Guest House Chetirite Bora offers the following facilities: TV set with cable television, internet connection, barbecue, pool for children and adults in the garden. The garden of the house is very spacious and colorful. Among the fresh green grass grow raspberries, blackberries and fruit trees. Here are also growing the four pine trees, which have given the name of this cosy guest house in Beli Osam. Five meters from the it runs the river Beli Osam, suitable for fishing. Nearby are located a number of marked trails for walking tours in the mountain. The Troyan Monastery is 11 km away and the village of Chiflik is 7 km from it.
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