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Guest House in Jeravna, Jeravna, +359 897 890694
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Guest House in Jeravna
Guest House in Jeravna
Guest House in Jeravna 
+359 897 890694
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Guest House in Jeravna is part of the architectural reserve of ancient houses in the village of Jeravna, which reserve has been listed as a national monument of culture. The house is centrally located in the village and is entirely built of wood. Through the years it has been meticulously restored in order to preserve to the utmost extent its original architecture and interior and at the same time provide modern facilities for a comfortable stay. By staying at Guest House in Jeravna the visitors of this unique architectural reserve may get a close glimpse of the authentic culture and way of life in Jeravna. On the first floor of the house are located a souvenir shop and an arts gallery. On the second floor are located the three guest rooms provided by Guest House in Jeravna, which may accommodate a total of nine guests. Two of the rooms share one bathroom, while the third room and largest room has a bathroom of its own. The whole house has preserved its authentic old style atmosphere. The spacious back garden is actually leveling the second floor of the house and offers a summer kitchen with a furnace and a dining corner. There is also an open-air veranda, which is an ideal spot for lazing during the day.
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