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Hotel Splendid, 51 Alexandrovska St., Rousse, +359 82 825970, +359 82 238192
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Hotel Splendid
Hotel Splendid
Hotel Splendid 
51 Alexandrovska St., Rousse
+359 82 825970, +359 82 238192
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The three-star Hotel Splendid is centrally located in Rousse and offers 19 single rooms, 12 double rooms and one apartment. In every room and in the apartment are provided a TV set, telephone, air conditioner, internet connection, mini bar, private bathroom with shower or a bath tub. The room rated include breakfast, which is daily served in a special breakfast hall. Separately from it Hotel Splendid has a stylish air-conditioned restaurant with 60 seats, lots of vegetation and delicious cuisine. Adjoining the restaurant there is a charming art gallery. The day lobby bar is also air-conditioned and offers tranquil ambiance, suitable for rest and small business meetings. The bar has 24 seats as well as a T set with cable and satellite television. Hotel Splendid provides a meeting hall with 15 seats, suitable for negotiations, business meetings, seminars, trainings. A 24-hour guarded parking lot is available for the hotel guests. Hotel Splendid is a very good choice for staying in Rousse. it offers clean and comfortable rooms at good rates and is conveniently located in the city.
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