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Family Hotel Kris
Family Hotel Kris 
+359 887 322365, +359 887 612846
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Family Hotel Kris is located in the picturesque village of Stoykite, which is located in the central part of the Rhodope mountain only seven kilometers from the mountain resort Pamporovo and around 90 km from Plovdiv. Family Hotel Kris has 2 double, 8 triple rooms and 1 apartment-studio, which are functionally appointed and have en-suite bath. In the hotel tavern the guests will enjoy traditional Rhodope cuisine, offering numerous delicious specialties like patatnik, banitsa, kachamak, musaka, marudnik, sarmi, katma and many others. The hotel owners cultivate and produce a large part of the products used for the preparation of these dishes such as the ilk, yogurt, white cheese, potatoes, beans, butter. All these products are locally produced. During the summer Hotel Kris offers various guided tours and walks in the mountain, while in the winter the lovers of winter sports may use the ski-run located only a kilometer and a half from Family Hotel Kris. There is also a 6-seat lift 100 m from the hotel, which leads skiers up to Pamporovo. The hotel is a lovely place for a fascinating vacation in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains regardless of the season.

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