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Milchova House
Milchova House 
near Smolyan, Bukata
+359 889 581926
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Milchova House is a small family hotel located south of Smolyan only a kilometer from the village of Mogilitsa almost right next to the state border with Greece. Nearby is located the interesting cave Uhlovitsa, from here passes the upper stream of the Arda river. Here amidst the silence and serenity of the unspoilt mountainous nature, every guest may take a rest from the hectic daily routines and relax completely in the company with one's friends and family. Milchova House offers four double rooms, which may accommodate a total of eight guests. Furnished entirely in the traditional Rhodope style, the rooms offer unparalleled tranquility and coziness. The beautiful fretwork on the ceilings is hand-made and is unique for each room. Such is the wood-carving work in the spacious dining hall with authentic fireplace and a kitchen, in which the hospitable proprietors may prepare typical Rhodope specialties after original old recipes. Upon request the guests may take part in the preparation of those specialties. Milchova House also has ample parking space. It is an excellent choice for those travelers who want to get in close touch with the authentic spirit of the Rhodope mountain.

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