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Hotel Sydney
Hotel Sydney 
16 Banska Street, Banya Karlovo
+359 879 437488
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Hotel Sydney is a small family hotel located in the center of Banya, a town close to Karlovo well-known for its healing mineral water springs and medicinal mineral mud. Just across the street from the hotel are located the public fitness center, the swimming complex and the balneal sanatorium. The hotel offers great accommodation conditions in clean and comfortable rooms with new furnishing and modern conveniences. Hotel Sydney has four apartments and three double rooms. Each one of them is provided with TV set with cable television, mini bar, terrace, private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The apartments have one additional room with sofas and a coffee table. One of them also boasts a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. Hotel Sydney offers a spacious lobby bar with additional seats in the hotel garden. In their free time the hotel guests may visit the swimming complex, the mineral water springs, organize excursions to the nearby towns of Karlovo, Kalofer, Koprivshtitsa, Hissar, Plovdiv.

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