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Hotel Blest, 37A Djuni St., Nessebar, +359 554 46454, +359 98 679914
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Hotel Blest
Hotel Blest
Hotel Blest 
37A Djuni St., Nessebar
+359 554 46454, +359 98 679914
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Hotel Blest offers to its visitors various opportunities for accommodation and vacationing in Nessebar. Located 200 meters from the south and the north beach in the new town of Nessebar, the hotel offers eight double rooms and three apartments. Four of the rooms of the hotel are luxurious and have private bathrooms, TV sets, refrigerators and balconies. The other four share a common bathroom, a refrigerator and an iron. The three apartments have a capacity for correspondingly three, four and five guests. On the last floor of the two-star Hotel Blest is located an air-conditioned restaurant with capacity for 20 people, TV set and internet connection. The hotel staff offers professionally organized excursions to different interesting spots on the Black Sea coast as well as excursions to important landmarks and cities further inland. Guests may also practice sea fishing, boat rows, visit famous night clubs and restaurants in Nessebar and Sunny Beach.
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